Market Analysis
Get to know your markets better so you focus on those segments where you are most likely to succeed. We'll figure out your TAM (Total Available Market) and SAM (Served Available Market). We use independent data as available, then further model the TAM and SAM for your specific products and applications as needed. 
Our structured tools will help you better understand the market environment, dynamics and technologies as well as the key customers, competitors and potential partners.
System and Software Development
One key decision you need to make is how to staff your development. This will likely be the biggest cost in your P&L, especially if you are located in a region with above average pay. When some, or even all, of the development activities can be located offshore, the resulting savings can make the difference between loss and profit. 
Offshore development will not work for everyone, and we can help you figure out the pros and cons. If it looks like a viable option, we can introduce you to our partner, Neosteq. Located in the renowned Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, they have brought many high-tech development projects to a successful conclusion.
Strategic Planning
A good strategy is generally ambitious, yet realistic and achievable. We'll help you define measurable goals - so later it will be clear how well you've succeeded. 
Together we'll make the strategic plan to achieve your goals, for example to create sustainable profitable growth by finding the right balance between investments in existing product lines and new growth markets. The plan will identify any gaps in the capabilities of the current organization and provide viable options to address. Risks will be identified and plans will be made to mitigate their effects.
Product Management
You probably have a pretty good idea about what you need to make to win vs. the competition. Unfortunately many products are doomed to fail even before development starts. Maybe they miss key features compared to the competition, or are over-designed for the target market segment(s). Or maybe the planning is simply too critical and any delays might cause the market window to be missed.
With our best-in-class processes you'll develop the right product and you'll develop it right.

Financial Modeling / Business Planning
Even a detailed P&L likely will not give you all the information you need to create an optimal business strategy. Companies typically have several product lines targeting several market segments. To create sustainable growth and optimized profits, you need to balance investments in each product line with their potential to create future profit. Our financial modelling approach can help you visualize realized and planned P&L performance by product, product line, technology or market segment. We can create "what-if" scenarios to help optimize future profit by investing more in those areas with the greatest potential.
Corporate / Business Development
When the strategic plan requires technologies or skills beyond the current capabilities of the company, we can help you evaluate the various options from the perspective of budget, timescales and risks. If partnering or acquisition is the best, or only, approach we can help identify best candidates and drive the deal to a successful conclusion.
Similarly, when your products and services depend on 3rd party products and services, we can help you identify, evaluate and negotiate optimal terms with those ecosystem partners that are best able to help your company succeed.
Product Marketing / Communications
In today's hyper-connected world, good communication has never been more critical in getting your message heard. We start by identifying the various key audiences. As well as your customers and your own sales channels, others such as trade groups, ecosystem partners, industry analysts and press, can play a major role in helping you successfully position your product in the market. In each case we'll figure out what they need to hear, and how and when they need to hear it, so we develop an optimal GoToMarket plan with effective product messaging and marketing collateral.