About Quo Vadis
Technology is our passion. From the early days of the Personal Computer to the amazing connected and mobile world of today.

After only 10 short years there are more than 2.6 billion global Smart Phone users and some markets already show signs of saturation. The tech community is now bracing itself for the next wave - the Internet-of-Things, or Internet-of-Everything, that is poised to change everything we do ... again.

At Quo Vadis HighTech our mission is to help tech companies like yours ride the wave. Whether it's to plan and build the "things" themselves - devices we are sometimes only just starting to imagine - or to build the infrastructure and data centers to aggregate and process the huge volume of data generated.

We can leverage our broad and deep industry knowhow, and experience in strategy and product management for a wide range of hardware and software products, together with their associated ecosystems.

Through our partnership with Romanian based Neosteq, Quo Vadis is also able to offer system and software product development services. With experience implementing a wide range of communications and connectivity applications, including Smart Home, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Industry Internet, Neosteq can provide IoE companies with an efficient and cost-effective approach to developing systems solutions, hardware and embedded software for their IoE devices and including the associated cloud-based services and analytics.

Quo Vadis HighTech is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and is headed by Stuart McKechnie with more than twenty-five years experience in technology, at AMD, CSR, Zoran and Philips Electronics.